We play for you

  • Ceremony music
  • Apero music
  • Dinner & Party music

Pianobeat's combined years of experience thus far, afford us the ability to respond to the needs of each particular audience. This allows us to maintain the right mood without disturbing the general vibe. Live interactive music at its best .

We season your wedding menu with soft music , play your personally selected wedding dance, and deliver unique and memorable party hits of all styles from the 60’s til today.

Our varied party band formations options offer you the flexibility to create just the right feel should you desire Pianobeat during your ceremony.
For example we offer a solo pianist or vocalist, a singer and pianist, or a singer, pianist and guitarist. We welcome and can accompany as well a guest singer from your wedding party if you like.

We are prepared to create custom versions of requested ceremony music, as well as particular songs for later in the evening if you like, including the wedding dance.
Our pianist is classically trained and acredited, and can perform a variety of well know traditional classical arrangments if desired. She is also proficient on the "pipe organ" or church organ and can accompany a classic ceremony if desired. 

Technically we are prepared to address all circumstances.
Our 3 separate music systems allow us the flexibility to move quickly from location to location if needed.

These systems are as well at your disposal should you require microphones for speeches, or amplification for power point presentations, movies, etc.
There would generally be no need for further technical rentals.

Our unique moving head lighting systems provide a very special ambience in the room or hall, and can as well be used for custom projections, names, specific photo’s, shapes & designs.

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